OXY ROBOT OXY ROBOT The test bench is for simulating a human external respiration. It has been designed to test self-rescuers, oxygen and air respirators. Read more Dioxide Dioxide Stand for dynamic testing of personal PPE of the filter type in order to determine the carbon dioxide in the «inhaled» air. Read more Boreas Boreas is designed for filtering personal protection equipment (PPE) testing to determine initial resistance to the constant air flow. Read more Monoxide Monoxide Stand for dynamic testing of PPE of the filter type in order to determine the protective action time against carbon monoxide. Read more Dynamica Dynamica is designed for testing the filters of PPE to determine the protection time against gaseous hazardous substances. Read more Dolomite Dolomite is designed for testing of PPE to determine their resistance to dust. Read more Pulsar Pulsar is intended to create a pulsating flow of the gas-air mixture (simulated human breath) during technical tests in oxygen life support systems (including altitude chamber). Read more DUMMY HUMAN HEAD DUMMY HUMAN HEAD To be able to conduct tests and inspections of personal personal protection equipment (PPE) with masks, half-masks the dummy head used. The dummy head is a separate piece and can be used together with stands: «OXY ROBOT», «Dolomite», «Dioxide», «Monoxide». Read more
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